Fashion student based in Vancouver, BC

Taylor is a twenty something living in Vancouver, BC. She is currently attending school at John Casablancas Institute in the fashion business & creative arts program. Before this Taylor attended Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC and received a business diploma with a marketing specialty. Besides schooling she is an intern at Mine & Yours for social media marketing.

Taylor has always been very passionate about content creation, influencer relations, sustainability practices, story telling, and collaborating with female owned businesses in the fashion industry. Growing up in Kelowna there was not much excitement when it came to fashion or the opportunity to enter the fashion world. She knew moving to Vancouver would open up so many new chances for herself and she was ready for a change. This last year has taught Taylor so much and allowed herself to grow as a person and narrow in on styling and social media as her top areas she wants to dive into within the fashion industry.