I love searching instagram for style inspo, beauty trends, travel destinations, brunch spots, and so much more. I follow over 800 people so i am bound to come across inspiration. I'm a sucker for a good aesthetic and most of this ladies have that. So here I put together a list of my current favorite ladies on insta that I steal inspiration from on the daily. I hope you enjoy this post and enjoy these accounts

xx tay

Christie Tyler : New York based blogger


Aimee Song : LA based blogger


Anne-Laure Mais : Paris based blogger and editor


Viktoria Dahlberg : New York based social media influencer and photo editor


Halley Elefante : Oahu based social media influencer


Jordan Santos : LA based social media influencer


Vernice Tan : Vancouver based blogger/youtuber


Taylr Anne : California based blogger


Mary L Jean : Switzerland based blogger


Nitsan Raiter : Toronto based blogger/youtuber


Rahnee Bransby : Perth based youtuber


Alyssa Coscarelli : New york based fashion market editor


Sabina Socol : Paris based journalist


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